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Project Mix

Project Mix is a unique fusion of visual novel, booze em up and rhythm game elements to tell the tale of a cyberpunk bartender.

The game is scheduled to release late 2022, but join our discord server to keep up with the latest updates!

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Pizza Master VR is a fast-paced pizza making game that features asymmetric co-op gameplay, where the chef has to work with the waiter to satisfy the customers orders. We are not responsible for any broken friendships! Available now on Steam, and coming soon to Oculus.

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Pizza Master

Totally Realistic Sledding VR

Totally Realistic Sledding VR is a over-the-top sledding game designed for virtual reality. Carve down steep snow hills and manouver yourself through challenging tracks. Unlock different powerups and fun cosmetics as you master the different environments. Available on Steam today.

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Tyrone: Hard Life is a retro inspired urban RPG adventure designed for VR. You play as Tyrone, a young man on a path of vengeance towards the gangsters who took everything away from him. With a clear disgust of guns, he intends to inact his revenge with only his fists. Sharpen yoursef through boxing, dancing and drumming, and unlock new abilities to turn your body into a weapon for revenge.

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Tyrone: Hard Life

Blind Sight Logo

Blind Sight features VR asymmetric co-op horror, where you and your friend work as investigators going through different paranormal sites to retrace the path of the mysterious Uncle, an unnatural force responsible for many deaths. The odds are fully stacked against you, and the only way to survive the terror of the Uncle is to work together and complement each others unique abilities.

Coming soon!