Pizza Master Zombie Mode Update!

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Hey Pizza Masters 🍕! This week we've been making great progress on the long awaited zombie game mode 🧟. Yes, you heard that right! This is the latest game mode we're working on for Pizza Master VR, now that we're in October and nearing the spooky season 🎃.

The biggest and most exciting thing we've been working on is the Zombie Mode. It's October, nearing the spooky date, and there has similarly been a spooky twist in the Pizza Master world. In this new game mode, the customers have gone rabid throughout the lockdown as they are desperate for pizza. They've started exhibiting zombie-like behavior and appearance, and if you don't offer them your pizza in time, they will not differ between eating pizza or chef. The Pizza Master is making his last stand at a abandoned metro station, where he thought he'd be safe, but that is far from the truth. Hungry customers will emerge from the escalators, corridors and corners so you have to watch out. The train will even arrive to drop off customers periodically, as the customers are so desperate to eat pizza they'd travel by train. The Pizza Master has redesigned his kitchen to be more portable and suitable for the insatiable customers. For example, the microwave is an addition to your toolbelt, where you can cook cakes to slow down the customer onslaught. These environments are not final, and we'd love to hear your feedback on them. Our plan is to add train station signs, posters and lights to bring the place to life. We plan to release this new mode on - you guessed it, October 31st.

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