Pizza Master Updates!

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Hey Pizza Masters! It's been a while since our last announcement or update on the game, and we are really sorry about that. We had a huge issue with burnout as a team and weren't able to continue updating the game. With lockdown happening and only having access to one VR headset to work with, as well as personal circumstances, it made it difficult to work. However, the long awaited and long due time has come, and we wanted to let you know that the Pizza Master VR dev team is back and more motivated than ever to deliver the game to full release.

So what have we been working on? Performance, porting to the universal render pipeline, remastering almost every model in the game, and trstructuring of the Pizza Master code base. What about the features? We have been working on the Zombie mode. In this mode you have to make pizzas in time and throw them to infected customers to eat, before they come eat you. Here is a little preview of the food stand you will be fighting from. Potentially a new online multiplayer mode called Clash of the Pizza Chefs. Do a cook off battle with a friend, more news will come regarding that. New ingredients. We'll have polls on social media to decide what to add. Yes, the accursed controller/sprint bug... that will be addressed. Oculus Release. A lot of these updates are also to prepare for the Oculus Store release, for both the Rift S and Quest platforms. We are determined to optimize the game to a degree that it runs on the Quest natively, while having minimal compromise on visuals.

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